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The Tasks of a Letting Agent

The estate agency business in UK has two specialised agents: those who deal with the renting and those who deal with the marketing of the property. Those who deal with the renting are called letting agents. Here are their tasks:   * Cooperate with Real Estate Agents   Letting agents work together with real estate agents to provide people with services such as selling, renting and buying properties.   * Provide Services and Know well About Property Rates   Letting agents give services not only to tenants but to landowners as well. Agents know very well about property rates. They can classify each according to areas where the property is located.   * Ability to Examine a Potential Customer   Letting agents are very helpful in making negotiations. An experienced one has the ability to check the background of a potential tenant. He also knows facts about the tenancy contract.  Letting agents work as bridges between landlords and tenants.   * Make Sure the Process is Smooth and Always in Order   In order to maintain a good reputation, the agent makes sure that the process is done properly. They offer advices to both tenants and landlords. All of these depending on the varying needs of these people.   These are some of the tasks of letting agents. You can be sure that you will find them friendly and warm. They offer you services that guarantee comfort and savings on your part. Entrust your letting needs to them and you will gain utmost benefit.  

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