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Short Guide for Moving House and Garden Plants

Moving house and garden plants can be very challenging.  Plants are very sensitive and they should be protected when you move to a new house.  Here is a short guide on how to safely move house plants. 
The first thing you need to do is to trim and prune your plants.  If you do not know proper pruning, you should ask for instructions from a florist.  You will be able to easily pack pruned plants quite easily. 
Make also that you have the right packing materials.  Plants need a special plastic so you can protect their leaves during the move.  You must prepare the plastics several weeks in advance and ensure that they are not contaminated with bugs or worms. 
Spray water on the leaves and roots of the plant to keep them damp during the entire trip. So before you pack them in plastics, make sure that they are properly sprinkled with water. 
And lastly, do not place the plants where they will be exposed to extreme heat, sunlight or fumes.  Your house and garden plants could wilt and die if exposed to these elements.  Store them in a cool area so you can keep them healthy during the trip. 


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