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Packing in Order - Which Items Should I Pack First?

There is a reason why people are willing to shell out some cash to have someone pack their stuff for the move. This is because packing is a long and painstaking process. You have to determine how to pack your possessions in an organized manner so you can ease the move.  But not all people could afford to hire a mover to professional packing. So how do you determine which items to pack first? First of all, keep in mind that it's probably going to take weeks before you are done packing. So, keep the essentials unpacked. These include kitchen stuff, toiletries and work clothes. Also remember to pack these essentials in one box, so you don't go rummaging through the boxes for each item once you arrive in your new home. Knick knacks, wall hangings and other decorative items are also prime candidates for early packing, considering that decoration usually takes place when all the necessities are set up.  Consider throwing away seasonal decorations since they are less likely to survive the move without getting damaged. You might think that the stereo and the CD's should also be packed first but as you work on piles of boxes, you will realize just how boring the whole process can be without music. So, put the stereo and your favorite CD's at the last part of the packing. When loading the truck, be sure to toss in the furniture first. You want the boxes to sit on top of the furniture, not the other way around. Packing furniture first also allows you to strategically pack the truck, so you'll need fewer trips to and from your new house.

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