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Packing Fragile Items

The packing stage of your move is one of the most essential ones, as the whole point of your move is to transport your items from Point A (your old home) to Point B (your new digs). Poor packing just does a disservice to this purpose and renders everything pointless.   This is especially true when it comes to packing fragile items, as they have a much bigger tendency to get damaged during the transit / transport stage of your move.   Special care must always be exercised when packing your fragile items so they can stand the shock of transporting them from you old home to your new one. One of the most basic places to start regarding this would be reinforcing the packing of your things with materials like packing peanuts and bubble wrap - crumpled newspapers and the like are also good alternatives. Make sure you use generous amounts of padding, thereby increasing the shock absorbers for your breakable items.   You should also remember to label packages with breakable items accordingly, and these labels must be very conspicuous and easily seen and read by any who would handle your packages. You must also indicate which part of the box must always be kept on top.  

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