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Packing 101 - Key Strategies to Protect Important Items removal services

Moving in to a new location can be very exciting. Everything is new - new house, new neighborhood, and new address. Though some may wish to also buy new things for the new house, it is just practical to still use items that are "oldies but goodies" and can be transferred from the old house removal services. To be able to accomplish this, here are some key strategies to be considered:
(a)    For electronic items such as television, DVD player, computer or printer, it is recommended to still use the original box that came with the package. These boxes still contain protective foams for easier and convenient packing. If in case the original box is no longer available, it is recommended to use removal boxes that are made of sturdy and durable material to secure the items. Bubble wraps can also be used to serve as protective cushions during the moving process.
(b)   For figurines and other fragile pieces such as chinaware, plates, and vases, it is advisable to use newspaper or any kind of clean paper for wrapping. It would help to also place them orderly inside the removal boxes. Doing this will secure these breakable items.
(c)    Make sure to tag each boxes to easily be recognized during the unpacking process.

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