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Movers westminster The Basics of Labelling and Using Removals Boxes

Among the dozens of tasks that you need to finish up while moving is packing your things and labelling your boxes. If you don't label the boxes with your grandmother's china as "Fragile", the movers might be careless enough to dump them at the bottom of the pile in the truck and you'll end up with broken kitchenware on your new house. Labelling the boxes will also make it easier for you to unpack the things once you move into the new house, because you will know which box goes in which room.

The good news is that there are certain types of removals boxes that you can be used to house a particular item. Here's a quick look at the different options that you can choose from:
•    Regular removals boxes
These are traditional moving boxes where you can stuff an assortment of things.Movers westminster When choosing removals boxes, make sure to adequately seal the bottom. Also check on the weight that the box can support so that they will not be falling through the gap at the bottom of the box.
•    Wardrobe boxes
As the name implies, there are wardrobe boxes that you can use. There are particularly designed for your clothes so that you can empty your walk-in closets and still have adequate space for your dresses, shirts, shoes and other wardrobe essentials.
•    Wider boxes for paintings and picture frames
One of the most difficult things to pack during a move is paintings and picture frames. Professional movers know where and how you should pack these fragile items so that the integrity of an oil painting, for example, will not be ruined during the move.
•    Double-wall boxes
For your electronic gadgets and big appliances like a flat-screen or LCD TV, use the original boxes if you still have them, or purchase double-wall boxes to protect the surface of the screen.

By knowing which type of removals box to use for each household item, you can keep your personal possessions safe during a move.