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How to Move Safely If It is Raining on Moving Day

The long and anticipated moving day has finally arrived. You are all geared up for the move until it starts to rain. In challenging times like these, you need extra planning to carry out your mission successfully. Here are a few adjustments you can do to manage the situation: Furniture Covering Make sure that all your items especially your furniture pieces are well wrapped. Sofas and Wooden furniture are most likely to soak up more water than any material. As a result, sofas get unpleasant water marks on them while wooden furniture starts to show some mildew. To prevent these, take time to wrap each piece with padding or shrink wrap. Floor Protections Place a mat at your front door and garage door to wipe your shoes on. This will help you keep the mud off the floor at the same time protect you from slipping on hard floors because of wet shoes. If you have a carpet floor, you can use carpet floor films or plastic floor covering to protect any flooring from damage. Transferring Furniture Park the truck as close to the garage as it will go. The long distance walking from the front door to the truck may expose your items under the rain. Therefore, pass the items through the garage to keep your furniture from getting wet. In case of really heavy rain, it is better to reschedule the moving day. If you are left with no choice but to move that day, wait for the rain to lighten before proceeding. It is better to spend more time moving safely than risk your items from getting wet. In the long run, it will save you money by not having to fix and replace damaged items.

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