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Help a Loved One Get through a Move

A loved one is moving across the country. They're anxious and you want to be supportive. But how can you make someone feel good about moving in an unfamiliar place? Go ahead; it's the best time to show them how much you really care. Here's what to do when it's your loved ones that have to go through to the stressful process of moving. 1.
Be optimistic. Say lots of good stuff about your friend's destination. Whether it's by the beach, near a big city or a tropical country, simple statements about the destination can make your friend feel better about relocating. 2.
Give some gifts. Some nice gift ideas include gift certificates to the shops in your friend's new home, a membership in the gym or entertainment and sports events in the new city. 3.
Make a call. Do not forget to call them on the packing day or on the moving day. Call them as soon as they arrive in their destination. If they know that they are not alone, they are less likely to feel depressed about leaving. 4.
Visit occasionally. Your loved one may not immediately adjust to the changes after the move. They need to see some familiar faces once in a while to feel a little more comfortable about their new place. When you get there, be sure to make some nice remarks about the city. It doesn't take a counselor to be good at encouraging. Simply be there with your loved one and they will surely feel happier and more positive in undertaking this new chapter of their life. 

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