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Get the House Cleaned before Moving - Effective Methods in Cleaning Houses

When you are done with the packing and all your stuff are loaded into the truck, there is still one more task to accomplish; you have to get the house cleaned before you shut the door for the last time. It is one of the most daunting parts of moving, but on a brighter note, cleaning can be a breeze this time as there are less clutter and obstructions to deal with. The first thing to do is get a tote or a pail where you can place all your cleaning tools and solutions. Even when all your stuff is packed away, it is best to keep these tools handy so you can do your final task. Alternatively, you can use disposable bottles for the solutions and just throw them away when you're done. Before you begin to wipe and brush, make sure you dab the cloth on a small area first to see if the solution is safe for the surface you are working on.  Then start with the stained areas until the house is spotless. Once you are done with this, you can proceed with the general cleaning. Begin from the top going down, from the ceiling to the walls until you reach the floor. Clean any remaining fixtures, furniture and appliances. You can't achieve shiny and clean floor unless you are done wiping off the dust. Therefore, the floor should be last on your list. When everything is spick and span, you can take your final walk through the door and look forward to moving in your new home.  

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